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I've come across a possible bug.
In the code below, in block //4 the replace seems not to function.

   Sample Program to show some string functionsn
//#include "string.h";

void setup() {
   String my_str = "This is my string.";
   // (1) print the string
   // (2) change the string to upper-case
   // (3) overwrite the string
   my_str = "My new string.";
   // (4) replace a word in the string
   my_str.replace("string", "Arduino sketch");
   // (5) get the length of the string
   Serial.print("String length is: ");

void loop()


My code is working perfectly on Arduino uno v3. Simulator is giving error on  #include <String.h>

Error is :
PARSE ERROR: A < > Bracketed #include file name must contain the full drive path

How to solve this issue?


Thanks for this monumental effort ! I ran the "blink" program and another a string functions testing program and they ran perfectly . I attached a few 'small devices" as well like LEDs and a terminal , was impressed with its functioning. The compiler within it is very friendly and its messages are detailed to solve any coding mistake easily, even compared to the Arduino IDE C compiler. My congratulations. Is there a way to run a HEX file directly in case i don't have C source program ? its needed in some situations where i compile on a different compiler and want to test the hex file on your simulator or someone gives me a hex file to use.


how can I download a Uno simulator in my computer?
please help


Hi, have not tried this yet, my home system run Ubuntu and centos Linux any thought of porting it?

I will create a windows VM to try it, but would prefer a native version.. please

Or maybe an android one for my old A500 tablet..

It runs both Lubuntu 14.04 and android 5.1.1.



At    https://www.sites.google.com/site/unoardusim/services  the page for the simulator is said.

"This is a simulator for Windows (XP or later). Porting to other operating systems is a project for future."

so it only runs on windows. [ from one 60yr old to another : )  ]


Boa tarde, alguém sabe informar onde encontro um curso de Arduino autorizado? Gostaria de certificar professores e a escola pelo Arduino.



Excellent initiative!

Do you have plans to release it for OSX?


Brilliant.  I am currently developing a flight simulator interface while on holiday without my Ardiuino hardware.  Now I can continue working and testing.
Thank you.



I feel that this is exactly the initiative that Arduino embodies, and encourages, and rightly so.
Are there any plans to develop it into Android and/or iOS?


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