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I would have got a question or a suggestion for a new Arduino device. I am thinking of a portable accumulator-operated touch screen remote for the Arduino boards. Maybe with a 4-5" monitor, Bluetooth and/or WiFi interface, a gyroscope (for screen rotation) and an SD slot (for graphics etcetera). And all wrapped up in a beautiful package. An easy-to-use, professional, industry-made device with a corresponding library.

I am aware this is a lot to ask for. But I would imagine that many users would like to have such a device.

The homemade devices are usually too big or because of the many items too expensive. Often lack even a suitable package. And then there is the large amount of work to control only a Arduino remotely.

With this device you could have a remote control designed specifically for a project. Perhaps in addition to a smartphone.
What do you think?


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