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Hi all

oke i hear you think.
its broken so just buy a new one..

but luckly i also have a USB2SERIAL module laying around for the Arduino mini i have.

so is it possible to use the USB2SERIAL module to write to the PIC?

if so can some one point me out how to do this.


Sure, connect Gnd to Gnd, Rx to Rx, Tx to Tx, DTR to DTR, +5 to +5.
(maybe Rx to Tx, Tx to Rx).
Arduino uses an Atmel AVR; PIC comes from a different company.
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oke realy strange.

as i did the same as you describe.
but it did not work , but i tried it again and it succesfully uploaded the blink sketch.

but know each time i try it i get a "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00"


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Is it usb to rs232 or usb to TTL?

Anyway, if usb to TTL: Arduino has a reset pin. Between DTR and reset add a 0.1uf cap.

If rs232, you'll have to add max232 chip to your project.


hi and thanks for the replay.

but i have a Arduino UNO R3 with a broken FTDI chip as the pc doesnt sees it anymore.
and i also have a Arduino USB2SERIAL board.

so i think its TTL.

but which pin is the DTR pin as i can see on many pages they talk about a DTR pin but i cant find it.

but i also tried it the same as with a ARDUINO mini.

+5V -> 5V
TX -> RX
RX -> TX


oke its been sometime ago but in the mean while i got my self the arduino ethernet and a fake arduino uno.

but i succeeded to program my old UNO with the usb2serial.

and the trick is to remove the reset wire and just hold down the reset button upload the sketch until you see the free space screen then you release the reset button and everything works great..

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