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I've just registered here and I'd like to edit my user settings for all the stuff that shows up on the left-hand side of postings (location, avatar, all that stuff).  But I can't find out how to do it!  I can only get to the "User CP" via the "1 message" link at the top of the page, and even then the data is not editable.  Am I missing something?


As you've found you click the message count then on the left there is a box with tabs. The second one is profile and the new box can have the headings clicked to access.


Thanks!  Those tabs were far from obvious -- they're clickable, but they're not underlined.  In fact, none of the clickable links on the forum are underlined (maybe part of the theme?).  Anyway, I've found 'em now, and everything works as expected.


There are a lot of things that were misconfigured or missing in the board setup, too, like being able to quote individual posts, finding new posts since your last visit, and an effective search system.  Oh well.


Seeing only unread messages works OK for me (note it requires a login, and being logged in, for it to work).  The RSS stuff seems to be broken, though.

google works great for searching.  Just google "site:arduino.cc my search target" to narrow the search to the arduino site rather than the whole internet.

All the forum software packages I have seen/used are somewhere between inconvenient and frustrating.  I've been on the internet for years, and I find them a very poor replacement for things like email lists and newsgroups.  The best forum software I've ever used is not as useful to me as the newsgroups I became familiar with over 20 years ago.  There's lots of glitzy graphics and layouts, but basic tools are weak.  Sometimes you just need to *plonk* a troll into your killfile. (:


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