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Hi guys ! I recently bought cc3000 wifi shield and iam trying to make it work. But i have some problems...
If any of you can answer these i will be really  appreciate. i connect it to top of the arduino uno and connect uno to computer. i downloaded  adafruit cc3000 library too. I choosed buildtest from the examples menu and wrote down my pass and id.
When i upload it to arduino and open the serial monitor i see random characters coming up and they are not letters... I dont know how can i name them but so.  Any solutions will make me really happy.


Have you set the serial monitor baud rate to 115200 to match the speed set in the program?
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Thanks this also helped me. 

I too attached the Adafruit Wifi Shield atop the Arduino uno and then uploaded the BuildTest program to the device. 

I had a similar issue that was resolved by doing what you said (thanks so much)!

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