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Hi there
Not sure if I ended up in the right corner of this forum to post my question.. but anyway, I wanted to ask you about the difference between 1sheeld, of which you might have heard of (http://www.1sheeld.com), and annikken andee. (http://www.annikken.com)
As far as I understood is 1sheeld really a shield for an arduino to gather all the input that can be generated by the built in sensors of your smartphone.. wifi, accelerometer.. you name it...
Annikken Andee is something similar I guess, but I'm not sure what it is exactly.
Does it do the same thing, without being a shield? Or is it something absolutely different?
I understand that Annikken comes with a good app to build GUIs and stuff easily. Is that right?
But the product itself, is it a comparable one to 1sheeld? Do both just simplify a connection to a smartphone?

Thanks for any hints on that topic.



Well I just realized that Annikken is also a shield.
I assume that Annikken just helps you to control your Arduino via Smartphone, while 1sheeld just uses the smartphone to get it's input from the different sensors? Is that correct?
well I guess, that with 1sheeld you can also control your Arduino...?!

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