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The WRSC (World Robotic Sailing Championship) is organized yearly : http://www.roboticsailing.org. The WRSC is a competition open to fully autonomous and unmanned sailing boats up to 4m in length. 2014 competition was in Galway.

"2880" participated to the competition and won in the MS class.

The platform is based on Arduino Mega Sparkfun card, GPS Ultima Adafruit, CMPS 10 compass, Xbee 60 mW, custom built wind vane on chip AS5030 for wind direction.

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YONrJKWIiE


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Looks like great work! Are or will be there any details regarding the boat and hardware design and programming posted somewhere? There would be a lot of interest, so a link would be well received.


Whoa. Didn't know this existed. I've been working on one for myself for about a season now -> https://github.com/kolosy/ArduSailor


@kolosy: I'm working on one too. Be sure to check out this site http://ubcsailbot.org/contact/ and download "the Book" for some fascinating details on their design efforts.

I have the impression that 2880drone won't be publishing anything other than the video about his efforts, which is a pity.

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