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Hey there,

So I've had no electronic background but I had just picked up an arduino starter kit a couple weeks ago and finished the projects about a week ago.  

I was wondering if the community here could point me in a good direction for learning about interfacing into other hardware devices around me with the Arduino.  

I would eventually like to have a sketch that can control my TR1200-DT5 treadmill desk.  I've uploaded a picture of a spot under the desk where there are 7 wires that joins the control panel of the desk down into the treadmill where my naive mind thinks that this is an ideal way of connecting the arduino in there as the middle man.  But I have no idea which wires do what or how I can even find that out (multimeter?) or what's a good way for me to experiment without frying my arduino.

So if someone has some good references/tutorials, I would appreciate it!!

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