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I am having some problems with my Arduino Deumilanove. I cannot seen t install on Windows Xp or 7. I have installed it before on XP but i havent used my arduino for a long time ... Most of the time XP does not even acknowledge  that something has been plugged in and when it does the wizard does not come up. in Windows 7 it does not even show anything is plugged in..
Please help I am A noob At computer and Arduino
Sorry for my english(Not my first language)


Is your system (operating system) 64 bit? I had problems with that and had to get drivers from the FTDI page for the USB connection




There's a webpage on Arduino Getting Started


Did you try it, and at which stage are  you now at?


I cannot find arduino on device manager..No reaction on computer when arduino is plugged in(win 7)

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