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Hey, I'm just starting out with this sort of thing, and I couldn't figure out a reason for the discrepancy between my ramps board and the one showed in the assembly manual. Please look at the attachment and see if you can figure it out.


Item 1 is the LCD panel interface board.

Item 2 is a stepper driver without a heatsink. The heatsinks are stuck on with the double sided sticky strip.

The orientation of the heatsink should not matter.
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Thanks for your help!


I also have five steppers drivers in the ramps board, but I think that one of them (item 2) is not used. Could I remove it?


Yes. You have 5 stepper driver on you RAMPS board but you only use 4. It should be noted on the ramps shield what exactly each stepper driver is used for. Like this: XYZ E0 and E1.

E0 is used while E1 is not. E stands for extruder.

You can remove E1 if you want.


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Perfect! Good to know to have replacement. Thanks.

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