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Hi All,

I want to control a digital camera with arduino + PIR. I used Medion MD85956 digital camera. As in the attached image when I short 1 with 2 camera turn ON/OFF. I am having problem with taking images. When I push the middle button of the shutter it works. I short as in number 3 so camera comes to focus mode but didn't take images.

As I refer some camera hacking tutorials there should be a switch and a ground. To take picture we have to short switch and ground.

Please tell me how to make that happen with this camera.

Thank you


I am not sure about this model, but some cameras require you to first short the focus pin before you can short the shutter pin. This simulates the user pressing the shutter button. (Halfway to focus and all the way to shoot).

Try leaving your focus pin grounded and then try grounding your suspected shutter pin to see if it takes a picture.


Thank you very much nschoonover

As you say it was halfway to focus and all the way to shoot. I used ohm meter to detect the pins did some testing with pins and I got it work now.

What I did was, make permanent contact with two pins(which I found with ohm meter) and what I am triggering was the focus pin. It wasn't worked in other way around.

Thank you
Tharaka :D

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