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  me and my son has been working on this for weeks on our hexapod.. parts were a simple hand drawn then put over to foam board and sized..   

hehehehe... we are finding out that the foam board and hot glue is not working very well,, so I found a guy that has a cnc and can cut it with some rigid aluminum....  but here is the thing,,, ya I used standard Futaba S3003 rc servos , and can get measurements,,, but i have no clue how to get this into a cad file.


will use 18 of the standard size Futaba S3003 servos, and one mini servo for the head...
the body plate is 9 and 1/2 over all length by 6 and 1/2 wide.....  leg is 8 and 1/4 over all long from tip to tip,, and calf is 4 inch over all long.    the Hips I had bent, so them would be a little more tricky to get a over all measurement. 


ok,, it's moving along,,, I have done a Live Trace , and a dxf file.... now in need of a editor to add in measurements for scale.    so far... google and youtube ...lmao


If I were doing this, I think I would import the drawings into inkscape or a similar vector editor, then do an edge detection on it; with that (plus any line/path consolidation operations), you would then have a file that you could easily scale to fit your servos.

If you still had fitment problems - you could probably clear them up by hand in the vector editor.

Once you had the outline, you could have it laser-cut or water-jet or plasma-torch fairly easily - with not many more steps needed; if you needed to do anything (for instance, this would probably apply for milling) - you might import the vector file into autocad or something, and extrude it to provide some "depth".

At least - that's how I would be approaching it (and probably quickly find out that I needed to do something more)...
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