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I'm a 4th year student at the Fine Arts & Design Academy at Maastricht, Holland.
I study product design and I am busy with developing my exam product, my end result.

I am developing an object with light and movement.
But I'm not familiar with mechanism, movement etc.
Now I'm am desperately searching for someone who can help me develope and
the most important part; to make it. (Payed or unpayed)

Is there somebody in the Netherlands, belgium or Germany that can help me?

For more information about my project, you can contact me at this adress:

Greetings Leonie


Netherlands (Belgium or Germany) only


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Not especially.
But it has to be made alongside my outside design.

So it's easier if it's close to my home.

All help is usefull!


Can you tell us more about your project?

(ZO Brabant)
Rob Tillaart

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My concept is about movement and light but subtle.

My end result will be a lamp but also a moving object. (3 different lamps, but I will start with one if I can find someone that can make this)
This lamp can only put ON and OFF.
Everything else has to do the lamp on it's own when it is put on.

I made a geometric, origami pattern and made this 3D. (It's from textile, so it is very light.
 But I want this pattern to move in a vertical or horizontal way.
So it has to move in one way.
Besides that it has to have a differents in speed and time.

They told me that it has to be programmed with an motor. But I don't have the skills or knowledge to make it work.


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