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I am setting up the LewanSoul xArm robot and have it working through their interface but want to connect the Arduino board to it and control it and call commands through the Arduino. I have attached the code that I have so far. The Arduino is sensing when we call an action group through the xArm interface but when we put the commands in Arduino it just beebs and doesn't move the robot. It says there isn't any errors in the code but I must be missing something...
Thank you!


Go to http://bit.ly/2Arw3QM for LX-16A Bus Servo routines. Download all and unzip LSC series communication routines(for servo controller).zip.
Run SoftwareSerial.ino found in
LSC series communication routines(for servo controller)\LSC series communication routines\LobotServoController\LobotServoController\examples\SoftwareSerial folder.

Works well.




I have done the above steps and wiring but my XArm does not move.
It does moves with Joystick and XArm software but not with Arduino.

Any Help !


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