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Ive got an arduino uno, and the 1.6.6 build IDE running on windows 8.1. Ive gone through the installation process and it explains the driver situation. When I go to install the driver manually and go into the driver folder I cannot find the "arduino.inf"driver. Instead I am given these folders, amd64, FTDI USB drivers, ia64, license and x86.

Could someone please get back to me with a suggestion of what driver to choose or where to go from here.



If you're running 1.6.6 than I would close that immediately because it should not exist. The latest version is 1.6.5.

But what board are you using?
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Yeah ive just noticed that I downloaded the preview, maybe this is the issue I am having. The board is a Arduino Uno


Updated the IDE to 1.6.5 but I'm still having the issue with the drivers.


Finally fixed the problem. For some reason the driver was not being picked up when I tried to install the driver through updating it. Simply finding it in the folder through file explorer and installing it that way worked.


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