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Hi all,

I need to get decent quality pictures of each layer in a powder bed laser 3D printer. I would like to buy a cheap digital camera and hook it up to an arduino. I want the arduino to have a light sensor which (I hope) would read high levels while the laser is operating and low levels when the laser stops. The logic would basically just be - if light was just high and has been low for a few seconds, take a picture. I suspect someone has done something like this already (maybe not with the light sensor or that logic, but some kind of trigger), but I didn't have much luck finding good guides online. Could anyone provide a link to a project they know of which is similar?

It would also be fantastic if I could retrieve the photos wirelessly, but let's take it one step at a time :)

These projects would be similar I imagine, but I would like a more comprehensive guide:

In case you were curious...
I thought about just sticking a GoPro in there, but I can't find a good way to interface with it to take pictures at the correct interval. I could just put it in timelapse mode at a higher frequency than a layer would usually take, but then I would have to sift through thousands of pictures to sift out the photos where the laser is active. I could do that with a python script easily enough, but I need this to be user friendly for other people.

Thank you very much


I just found this which seems quite helpful to me. Any other links/advice would be great :)



It is not clear exactly what you are expecting. The Arduino can have no part in the picture taking process unless you want to restrict your frame rate to one picture every 15 seconds or so. Then you can use a serial camara and slowly write each picture to an SD card.

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