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I found working project of ODB scanner which runs with elm327 cable and Arduino Uno and it works. http://www.instructables.com/id/Hack-an-ELM327-Cable-to-make-an-Arduino-OBD2-Scann/?ALLSTEPS  So i bought myself the parts from DealExtreme because I like the idea and I wanted to build myself one like this.
I uploaded the code which this guy gave in the link to Arduino and started hacking the ELM327.
Basically I need to cut the green and white wires which the data runs through and the red and black are the power and ground...and then bypass green and white to the TX RX of the arduino.

But since I'm using the shield it pins go to the TX RX of arduino as well, so I have ironed them to the holes next to the pins.

This is slightly different from the type of connection he gave but i think it's correct.
Anyway if i don't attach the lcd shield and open serial monitor I'm getting this:

with flashing TX onboard led.
And if I connect everything it suppose to be like this:

...i still can't connect to the elm327 and when i try to open the serial monitor I'm getting an error

ohhh and this is an image of my arduino:

and the df robot lcd shield:

Any ideas whats wrong?


You expect to be able to connect THREE different serial devices up like that and get it to work?

// Per.

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