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I'm trying to build a device similar to a very expensive tool ( you can see the tool in their own website TIGERSTOP.COM ) here is a link to YouTube for you to understand what I'm looking for       


The function of this tool is simple, you type a measurement on the NUMERICAL KEYPAD which is showed in a LCD DISPLAY and THE CONTROLLER BOARD makes a stepper motor to move a stop block to the desired measure and then you are able to make several cuts with perfect accuracy, then you can go back to home ( zero ) or not, just set a new measurement and start over. The stop block slides in two supported linear rail and it will be moved trough a ball screw.

Something very important for this project is that I need no computer hooked up at all the time (i know that initial programming Is needed )

Could you help me out picking what I need to get started, what controller board, LCD display, numerical keypad do I need to make this project possible.


I'm trying to build one of these too. Sawgear to be specific. Have you made any progress?


I know this is a VERY old topic, but I am a technical scool teacher from Argentina making an introduction to Arduino in an Electronics workshop, and I have been looking to develop something like this with my students to help the accuracy of their wood/metal cuts... They can almost never cut two identical pieces lol

It doesn't have to be THAT accurate, it's mostly for educational purposes... I was trying at first to do something like this recycling parts from different sources, but I have to admit that I am quite lost as to how to do it, can anyone please help!?? Pretty please!??

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