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Dec 10, 2015, 10:48 am Last Edit: Dec 10, 2015, 12:08 pm by monk_duck1
Hi everyone.

I'm working with windows 7 & arduino IDE 1.6.0. I have 2 arduino nanos (with atmega328).

Yesterday my both arduinos worked very well, code uploaded correctly.
Today another arduino made this error when uploading new code:  avrdude: stk500_recv():
Another still works well.

When I connect (not working) arduino to usb:
Power led lights up. L led blinks for a while and stops. RX LED lights up green, but it is not that bright.

When I try to upload new code:
L blinks 2 times, then RX & TX blinks 3 times red (not very bright) and after that RX is back to green and finally L blinks once. And arduino IDE gives the error message.

Arduino that works well has no green light in RX (when not uploading).

Any ideas how to solve this?
I already tried to re-install drivers, and hit reset button when uploading. If I hit reset, L led blink once, RX led is down for a while, and returns green.
Might the problem be with the arduino itself? I hope it's not totally broken. I can't be sure if there has been any shortcuts or not.

Thanks very much if anyone have ideas that I could try! I already tried to look from another posts but didn't give any results.

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