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Dear all,

I am fairly new to the forum and arduino. I am trying to build a switch that I can control through different wifi or mobile data network.  I would like to turn on my tea pot connected via relay (I think I will need to use high amp relay in order to connect to regular electricity) to arduino while I am on my way back from work so I don't have to wait and tea is ready when I get home (this is just an example of course) via mobile app (that I will have to make, which I assume won't be much challenging). Do you have any suggestion for such type of application?
It is more like some Wifi switches that I found on amazon "Wemo" or "Orbivo". But I am trying to do this via arduino as I plan to expand this to control several other switches, servo motors and what not as I expand into the project.
Any suggestion/direction/starting point for a newbie to get started building stuff is much appreciated.




You will find the answers you seek in my instructable. Next week I will post a new one explaining exactly how to do your project with a nightlight. So have a read and stay tuned :)


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