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Hello to you,  :)

So I explain, I must control the "man-machine" interface of a lyre (spot light) and for this, from an application that I created, the remote control with bluetooth displaying the value an LDC, all thanks to connect an Arduino board.
But I need help creating the "code" on Arduino.

So someone could help me realize the algorithm on Arduino so I can make it work,

thank you


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I don't understand what you want.

You want your computer to control your spotlight? Does this spotlight have some sort of control input already? Does it understand MIDI?

Ok - I asked google what a "lyre spot light" is, and it seems to be one of these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOTojAE8Dig


These already have some kind of control thingy. What do you want the arduino to do?

"the remote control with bluetooth displaying the value an LDC,"

Did you mean "value and LDC"? That would make more sense. I don't know what LDC is. Did you mean LCD? How is a remote control going to display a value? You have a remote control with a display? Or did you want to use a phone with some sort of app on it? Oh hang on - these spotlight things themselves have a control panel with a display. Is that the display you meant?

They communicate via "DMX". Seems to be some sort of industry standard. Oh, here we go: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMX512 . There's some stuff on this in the playground: http://playground.arduino.cc/DMX/Protokoll . It's do-able.

So what I think you want is to have the arduino receive bluetooth messages and to respond by sending some DMX to your spotlight. Not sure where your "application that I created" comes into it. Have you worked out what bluetooth message will be being sent - the message format? With the arduino be receiving simple messages and sending long prepackaged DMX messages? Or will it be more-or-less passing messages straight through, you just want the arduino to serve as a dumb communications link?

Look, dude: you have dreadful difficulty expressing what you actually want, and there's no way anyone on this board will accept this gig.I could be wrong. But the job is quite complex, and any developer will be looking at weeks or months of back-and-forth with you trying to work out what the hell you are saying. You are obviously a non-native english speaker, and you might be better off with a programmer who you can talk to in a language you are more fluent in. Chinese? Indonesian? Hindi?



So I created an application on "App Inventor 2". This application will allow me to order the Lyre "MAXSPOT250" in bluetooth with a connected bluetooth module has an Arduino UNO. On this map Arduino UNO is also connected to a "LCD display" that will allow me to view the settings wanted to run this Lyre.Donc before inserting all in the lyre, I have to type the program on Arduino.Et I'm not Bill Gates so I need help (if you I made, I would say not)


p.s: I'm French


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He's created an MMI program to control spotlights. The spotlights have an existing control protocol, but he want to control them using Bluetooth from his UI software.

In order to do that, he (or someone else) needs to write an Arduino sketch to accept predefined commands over Bluetooth and convert them to the light's native protocol. In addition to this, the Arduino has a local UI that can display the settings received from the MMI software.

Thomas, did I get that right? :-)

My SWAG is that you're looking at a minimum of half a day's work. Could be more, but for a developer who already has a large base of existing code to draw on, it's not that big a task.
Electronics and firmware/software design and assistance. No project too small


Yes, that's it.
But at the moment I just need the "program" of Arduino allowing to run the whole.
If you understand and if you can give him(it) to me or help me, it would be nice


I would like just the "Arduino Program",
Please, if you know, send me the Program (or help me)

For Thursday !

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