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     Hello, I recently purchased an Arduino robotics kit. The robot works flawlessly and is awesome, however I bought the Arduino to learn to program. I wish to be able to upload a different sketch to the arduino and be able to restore the robotics server program. Is this possible. Thanks


You can't download a program from an Arduino to a PC because the source code only exists on the PC. What goes on the Arduino would be unintelligible if you did download it.

I presume you have the source code from which the existing Arduino program was compiled and uploaded. You can use that at any time to re-upload the same code to the Arduino.

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It is possible to copy the hex file from the Arduino, to re-upload that hex file later. But it is not easy.
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As someone said, you can get the hex code.  But you would need software to decompile the hex code.  I am not aware of any.  Maybe someone with experience with assembler disassembler programming could give some insight but it is tough to do.


I find it puzzling that you are not supplied with a copy of the sketch for the robot, considering they give you the facility to erase and load other sketches.
Does the manual give you a URL to go to to download the robots sketch?

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