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Hi guys

Not that it matters, but I am an electrical/electronics engineer in the greater Boston area. I've been a mixed signal PCBA designer and system designer for almost 9 years now.

That said, I have never been much of a coding person, and Arduino's open source community and well supported examples have made things much more accessible for me, I think the community here is awesome and I look forward to being able to help out in any way possible in the future.

Custom shield design etc, anything people need help with I hope I can pitch in.

So to the real reason for the post...

I am working with WiFi for the first time as a programmer, using the Arduino Zero and the WiFi 101 shield.

So far I am able to connect to a local router easily, and print a menu of options via Telnet which is exactly what I need to do for this lab testing.

What I typically do for my own bare bones EE-style code is just print text menus and drill down deeper into them using 0-9 on the keyboard...this works amazingly well via serial link and I know it can work as well via WiFi - but I am realizing that i'll need to pass the client information to the sub-routines I am calling.

I don't know enough about the client data type to know how to pass it, and I didnt see much in the way of information related to that in the reference section of the website.

Can anyone offer any tips?

I can post some code if necessary, but I think it's a pretty general question, not really specific to anything in my sketch.



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