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Hello,  I've been trying to use an arduino due as one of these for a while now.  I read on the Wikipedia that drones usually use 3 concentric programming  loops.  So my question is how programming loops can be concentric? Is the approach to programming the best.  Should I do something different.


The "concentric" idea is one way of thinking about doing several things at one time.

You need to check the gyros and motor RPMs a hundred times per second. You need to check for new pilot commands 10 times per second. Maybe you flash the position LEDs once per second. Those are "concentric".

Given that the device you linked to weighs 73 grams and already has all the hardware required, why would you build something 5-10 times heavier with a Due? That's going to seriously impact your payload or even take payload negative for a small drone.

Negative payload = no liftoff. Flight duration equals zero.
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