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Hi folks,

I may be in the wrong topic area, but I would just like to relate to you my recent experience.  Last week I got out my RISC PC600 (with Strong ARM CPU) and fired it up.  A real nostalgia trip. I also had bought a Raspberry Pi3 and had installed Rasbian on it.  I had a  3:4 ratio LCD monitor I pressed into service to share for both of them.  I noticed there was a new Arduino IDE advertised today, so I looked it up and to my utter surprise and pleasure it was also advertising an ARM version of the Arduino IDE.  It said only experimental, well I thought I have little to lose, I will try it. I downloaded and installed it, and it started just fine.  Wow! To go the next step I attach my Arduino Mini-Pro and successfully programmed the "Classic" Blinking LED into the Arduino. Second Wow!

I was gobsmacked!!  I have attached a picture of the RISC PC600 Strong ARM machine (c. 1994) on the left and the RPi3 on the right with an Arduino Pro-Mini attached.  Unfortunately I can't show them both running at the same time as they share the monitor, but believe me the RISC PC does work.

As an original ARM fan, this is a huge circle for me completed.  Not really a hack, but so much history.

Cheers, Rob
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