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hello there! I am new to this forum but very much interested in arduino projects. I am making a large 8x64 scrolling led display board using the max7219 ic chips, 10uf and 100nf capacitor on each chip.I am using the Maxmatrix library and the project works fine at the start but after some time, the message skips some matrices and appears on other while some other matrices will just turn on all leds and remain there untill i reset my arduino. Please help me


Hi dear ! I've seen your good projects in the net ... so i think you can give me some help ... (:-)
I have a simple 8x32 leds with max7219 (i.e. 4 digit)
And i want to achieve a STOPWATCH .... do you know if there are some info about this ?
(unfortunly i don't know program language for Arduino at the moment ...)
Tnk you for your attention, best regards


*I don't know your library *

name libbrary ->***Max72xxPanel*or*72xx*** change ---> matrix.setRotation(0, 1); or (0, 2);, (0, 3);

                         ***numberr 0 is Module Position ***can change it***

                         ***For example*** ---> matrix.setRotation(0, 3);  <--- ** Module 0 , look matrix (1,2 or 3)
                                                              matrix.setRotation(1, 3);  <--- ** Module 1 , look matrix (1,2 or 3)
                                                              matrix.setRotation(2, 3);  <--- ** Module 2 , look matrix (1,2 or 3)

name libbrary -->***MD_MAX72xx_h***

    ---> change moduleType_t

    PAROLA_HW        ///< Use the Parola style hardware modules.
    GENERIC_HW      ///< Use 'generic' style hardware modules commonly available.
    ICSTATION_HW   ///< Use ICStation style hardware module.
    FC16_HW            ///< Use FC-16 style hardware module.

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