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I am making a RGB led cube and I want to know the differences between them and mainly the cheapest.

- what size should I get?

- should I get diffused LEDs or clear LEDs?

- do I want anode or cathode RGB LEDs (I want to multiplex them with the y axis with one GND connection and the x axis with the 3 colours)

- should I get plain LEDs of any others

- which are the cheapest? (if you can give link)

please give links to any example

thank you for your time




Well I would go for the diffuse type and use the WS2812b 5mm LEDs. This makes the electronics and the software very easy to do. If you use cheaper alternative LEDs then you pay in more complex hardware and software.

There are plenty of designs on the web.


ws2812b, sk6812, apa106, apa104 are the easiest 3 wire solutions.

apa102 is 4 wires, but better light control.

if you're doing a LED cube I suppose apa106 are better (look like normal LEDs)



my previous post was about how to control leds, this is because i am confused with the range of leds. I hope I have not done something wrong by opening another thread. I seemed to have some really useful replys on here.


I advice you using ws2813 rgb led,it dual signal,one led is broken,the others still work.

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