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Hello, i am making a solar tracker with 4 TSL45315 light sensor, so my problem is the I2C bus, reading on the web I found the answer to be multiplexing the I2C bus (TCA9548A multiplexor), the problem now is i cant seem to read any of the ports on the multiplexer. I am able to read a single sensor but when i try to read a single sensor through a port on the multiplexer it just cant be read.

this is the main document i was using as a guide

Can anyone help? Thank you


Bare sensor chips, or chips on breakout boards?
What are the pull up resistor values?
How long is the wiring?


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Any reason why you have gone to I2C bus for light sensor when a simple LDR or photo transistor will do the job?
What model Arduino are you using?

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