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I am currently making a school project for a non-profit that raises awareness for people with disabilities.  They reached out to my school to make a "Stutter Box".  The basic idea is for someone to record themselves speaking, then the devices plays the audio back but it makes them have a stutter.  I currently have a  ISD1820 Voice Recording Module from E Lab Peers, but have not had success in creating the device.  I know very basic coding.  Does anyone have any ideas on what libraries I can use or functions I can use in order to create this effect?  This is the basic code for the ISD1820;


Code: [Select]
Code for ISD1820 Voice Recording Module
by eLab Peers (C) 2014.

Visit us at:

All rights reserved.

1.  VCC to 5V on Arduino board
2.  GND to GND on Arduino board
3.  REC to Pin 11 on Arduino board
4.  P-E to Pin 13 on Arduino board


int Rec = 11;
int Play = 13;

void setup()
 pinMode(Rec, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(Play, OUTPUT);

void loop()
 digitalWrite(Rec, HIGH);
 digitalWrite(Rec, LOW);
 digitalWrite(Play, HIGH);
 digitalWrite(Play, LOW);

Thanks for any input



Just scanning-through the datasheet I don't see any way to stop playback or any way to start/restart anywhere other than the beginning.

When a HIGH-going transition is detected on this input pin,
a playback cycle begins. Playback continues until an End-of-Message (EOM) marker is
encountered or the end of the memory space is reached.
Conceptually, it's easy to make playback stutter with a computer (or maybe with a Raspberry Pi) but it would take fairly advanced speech recognition to find the beginnings of words to simulate the way a human stutters in a realistic way.

...that raises awareness for people with disabilities.  They reached out to my school to make a "Stutter Box".  The basic idea is for someone to record themselves speaking, then the devices plays the audio back but it makes them have a stutter.
Personally, I wouldn't be impressed by a screwed-up recording of myself.


This is a simple playback of a sample that can create a stutter effect.
Basically a push button starts the playback again, but this could be programmed to produce the stutter by simply starting the playback after a time interval or two.


This seems like it could probably work for what I am looking for.  Can you post or send me the code that enables the stuttering effect?  I have tried to use digitalWrite to start and stop playback, however it continues to play through the whole recording. 


The code is in my book and so I can't be as free with it as I normally could be.
The book is at http://www.apress.com/9781484217207 and the software can be downloaded here. The code is from Chapter 14, listing 14-3.

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