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Dear reader,

I noticed that the tool to install arduino drivers 'dpinst-amd64.exe' and 'dpinst-x86.exe' are using a certificated that is expired a few days ago (since mid feb 2017).

The same occurs when I tried to install it using arduino.inf

I downloaded .exe and .inf from:


arduino.cat    Added drivers for MKR1000    a year ago
arduino.inf    Added drivers for MKR1000    a year ago
dpinst-amd64.exe  added driver install utility (dpinst 32- and 64-bit) and Arduino icon…    4 years ago
dpinst-x86.exe    added driver install utility (dpinst 32- and 64-bit) and Arduino icon…    4 years ago

Is it possible to rebuild both DpInst...exe  and I assume Arduino.cat.




Screen captures from Paul Stofregen as commented on 27 Dec 2016 are the same as what I got.

User installs software on a PC and together with this install the drivers are installed either.
Otherwise users got problems when they try to connect the board to the PC.
Therefore installation of drivers should be flawless

And if screen with red warning as these are seen by users or company admins they will abort installation immediately. That is what is happen now.

I hope that somebody is willing to refresh certificates or digital signatures if something like this occurs.


For more see: https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/issues/5758
Issue closed here

For more see the


As there are two issues here.
* One is the  signing of the .inf and the .cat combi.
* The other is the use op DpInst.

DpInst is from MicroSoft and in the years from 2007 to 2017 they changed their ideas how it should work.

More can be found in:

Seems that DPInst is no longer advised as tool to install device driver.

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