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I want to test the BME280 sensor with Arduino together with a RTC DS1307. Both function by I2C protocol.
I have seen that there are several libraries for BME280 and different addresses appear for this chip: in a library the address is 0x77 and in another it is 0x76. This is normal?


From the BME280 datatsheet:
The 7-bit i2c device address is 111011x. The 6 MSB bits are fixed. The last bit is changeable by SDO
value and can be changed during operation.
Connecting SDO to GND results in slave address 1110110 (0x76); connection it to VDDIO results in slave address 1110111 (0x77), which is the same as BMP280's I²C address.
So the address can be both.
Always decouple electronic circuitry.



From the BME280 datatsheet:
So the address can be both.
"either", not "both" for any given device.
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