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Mar 13, 2017, 05:17 pm Last Edit: Mar 13, 2017, 05:24 pm by frank613055
Hi everyone

I'm working on an ECG-related school project, using the TI ADS1198 with the Arduino Mega. They communicate via SPI and I've had success with writing/reading register (for exmaple get ID Register value for check & put input to Normal electrod ) and I want to show channel via serial comport to MATLAB.  (I have attached the file)

part of arduino code like this for "RDATA" command
Code: [Select]
 //Arduino control ads1198 RDATA Command
  digitalWrite(PIN_CS, LOW);
        SPI.transfer(RDATA); //0x12
  // get bytes 1-3
  serialBytes[i++] = SPI.transfer(0x00); // get 1st byte of header
  SPI.transfer(0x00); //skip 2nd byte of header
  SPI.transfer(0x00); //skip 3rd byte of header
  // get channels
  for (int ch=1 ; ch <= gMaxChan; ch++) {
    a = SPI.transfer(0x00);
    b = SPI.transfer(0x00);
  uint8_t ch10,ch11; // (8 bit) - unsigned number
  int     value1;    // (16 bit)- signed number
  ch10=a;  ch11=b;
  value1 = (ch10 << 8) +ch11;
   Serial.println(value1,DEC);//tranmit ch_1~8

and here is part of  Matlab code recieve data by serial comport
Code: [Select]

s=serial('COM9','BaudRate',115200);  % setup comport  115200
fopen(s);  % Open comport
disp('making plot.... & check id')
% id=fscanf(s,'%c')
id=fscanf(s, '%d') %check id
while  (id ~= 182)   % Repeat util
    id=fscanf(s, '%d')         
y1(x)=fscanf(s, '%d'); % receive ch_1
y2(x)=fscanf(s, '%d'); % receive ch_2
y3(x)=fscanf(s, '%d'); % receive ch_3
grid on;
%hold on---------------------;
title('ECG ADS_1198 Testing');
grid on;

Here's a sample of the ECG signal I plotted out via Matlab, but it looks wierd.


I'm wonder Serial.print is too slow….., or channel data for process is wrong (every channel is 16 bits data with two complement)

Anyone who have experience about this, hope can give me more information, very thank you >< ! 
here is my email: frank613055@gmail.com

Any advise will be appreciated.


If someone have experience about this, hope give some suggestion. very thank!

I'm working on an ECG-related project, using the TI ADS1198 with the Arduino.  I've had success with writing/reading register by SPI bus (for example get ID Register value 182 for ads1198 & set every input channel  to Normal electrode ).

I want to show channel via serial comport to MATLAB, but I got strange wave form like below picture.

I just show 5 channel firstly, channel 1,4,5 is odd( but i do make this channel in Normal electrode mode ), channel 2,3 seems correct ?

but not sure. So it is very confuse me why channel 2,3 seems can get data fine, but other can't.


Here is setting I write to ads1198 register,

1. Q:  Am I wrong with this setting ?

Cuz I not much sure about the function from 0x0D to 0x19, just follow the register map table I saw in TI software for ADS1198 demo kit, it can see all channel wave correct.
Code: [Select]

void adsNormalElectrode()
  adc_wreg(0x01, 0x04);  //Config1 //0x04 500SPS
  adc_wreg(0x02, 0x10);  //Config2 //0x10
  adc_wreg(0x03, 0xDC); //Config3 //0xDC
  adc_wreg(0x04, 0x03);  //LOFF     //0x03
  adc_wreg(0x05, 0x00);  //CH1SET//0x00
  adc_wreg(0x06, 0x00);
  adc_wreg(0x07, 0x00);
  adc_wreg(0x08, 0x00);
  adc_wreg(0x09, 0x00);
  adc_wreg(0x0A, 0x00);
  adc_wreg(0x0B, 0x00);
  adc_wreg(0x0C, 0x00);  //CH8SET   //0x00

  adc_wreg(0x0D, 0x00);  //RLD_SENSP  //0x00
  adc_wreg(0x0E, 0x00);  //RLD_SENSN  //0x00  
  adc_wreg(0x0F, 0xFF);  //LOFF_SENSP //0xFF
  adc_wreg(0x10, 0x02);  //LOFF_SENSN //0x02
  adc_wreg(0x11, 0x00);  //LOFF_FLIP  //0x00
  adc_wreg(0x12, 0x00);  //LOFF_STATP //0x00
  adc_wreg(0x13, 0x00);  //LOFF_STATN //0x00
  adc_wreg(0x14, 0x00);  //GPIO       //0x00
  adc_wreg(0x15, 0x00);  //PACE       //0x00
  adc_wreg(0x16, 0x00);  //RESP       //0x00
  adc_wreg(0x17, 0x00);  //CONFIG4    //0x00
  adc_wreg(0x18, 0x00);  //WCT1       //0x00
  adc_wreg(0x19, 0x00);  //WCT2       //0x00

I put ads1198 in RDATAC Mode (0x10), and I check its wave form with Agilent logic analyzer, seems correct


I am sure I convert every channel 16bits data (in 2's complement binary) to decimal value and plot it in MATLAB.

The way I deal with 16 bits data in Matlab

Code: [Select]
s=serial('COM9','BaudRate',115200); % setup comport  fopen(s);  % Open comport
T1=fread(s,1); //Get channel first  byte
T2=fread(s,1); //Get channel second byte
ch_1=T1*256+T2;//make it 16bits
value_ch1 = twos2dec(change2dec);

Here is way I send every byte after I put ads1198 in RDATAC mode

Code: [Select]
int adc_read_data(void) //function to read in 5 channel of data
  int i = 0;
  digitalWrite(slaveSelectPin, LOW);
  //attempt to read in one channel only. 3 bytes of STATUS + 2 bytes of one channel data
  int numSerialBytes = 13;// now just read 5 channel to check
  unsigned char serialBytes[numSerialBytes];  
  for (i = 0; i < numSerialBytes; ++i)
    serialBytes[i] = SPI.transfer(0);
  digitalWrite(slaveSelectPin, HIGH);

  for (i = 3 ; i < numSerialBytes; ++i)
    Serial.write(serialBytes[i]);  //send byte to MATLAB

And this is environment I used:  ECG Simulator , D15 cable, 60-80BPM, 1mV


Can one guide me what's problem for me to get data this result? how to fix it ?

Looking to your valuable suggestions, thanks in advance.


Frank | frank613055@gmail.com

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