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Hello to everybody,

we are some students from Danmarks Design School in Copenhagen and are working with a project about interactive textiles. We are working with lumicent wires.
we already have an programming with maxmsp. now we changed the electronic circuit to integrate an arduino board. But we don't know how to program it and time is running. We need a fast solution this week. Presentation is on Friday. So if there is anybody interested in helping us, please contact us as soon as possible.


Maria, Marion and Caro



in order to post a message inhere you have to have a better technical description of the problem. On the other hand, you are very welcome to come to work at K3 together with us. However remember that june 6th is holyday in Sweden (National Day) and the school will be closed.




Hm we thought you don't have time for us, or may be could you ask the guy, who was painting that day? We just have to be sure, there is really somebody who can help us, when we are coming to Malmö again?


I'm the guy who was painting. I'm sorry to say that time is running out equally fast for my one-man project, and I don't have time to help you guys with a solution. If you manage to get started and run into problems, feel free to contact me about getting help, but no major implementation solution help is available.  :-[

My e-mail address is public on the forum (click the e-mail link on the bottom of this post).


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