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Oct 23, 2008, 04:06 pm Last Edit: Oct 23, 2008, 04:16 pm by mrkiss Reason: 1
When you meet irregular nonlogical error, same input different result every time it works, it maybe comes from low voltage or out of RAM.

I started arduino  about 10 months ago.
When I just started to use arduino, I didn't met that errors.
But these days that irregular errors  made me crazy for a while
I couldn't understand how the hell could it happen?

But today I saw an article on my rss reader. That was Rob Faludi's 'Helpful Arduino Functions'  about checking free RAM.

I didn't care about RAM until yesterday, flash memory size was my only  concern about memory. But today I come to know that important issue of Arduino programming.

I think it's somewhat late But I'm happy to know that it at least now

And I want there will be no more people like me.

The error starts with irregular Serial.print("\t") result on arduino IDE.
Suddenly almost all spaces between texts are disappear

If you delete some line, errors will disappear but if you add some lines soon after it will appears.
So you may assume that it comes from the programs size. But that assume only makes you more crazy.(that was me)

And after adding some codes, arduino acts like drunken man. It tells that it should not. It tells that I can't understand

There are no forum threads about 'tab disappearing' or 'strange errors' like mine.

After loosing a lot of hair and some hair color change into white. You may find another Rob's article and write forum topic like this.


I Don't want this happens again in this Universe

and thanks a lot Rob  :)

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