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I am very new to this programing stuff (I have had a *little* java), but I have to use a Led display for a project. I heard that arduino was the best way to control Leds, so I bought an arduino,


and I have wired it to a Max7219 (as i heard this was the easiest way to make this work).

I have done the initial test (blinking Led) and it worked fine, so now I would like to test my Led matrix. I wired my Led matrix according to:

I have all of the starting Libraries, but I don't seem to have the one that everyone on the forms is talking about and using (LedControl.h).

I have read the article on it, but I do not understand it.


Basically, I would like to know the easiest way to make a basic program for my Led matrix. Do I need to make a library called LedControl, or can I download it somewhere?

Maybe I am completely missing the point of the LedControl article, as I said earlier, I don't understand it. Any insight to the best way to make this work would be greatly appreciated.  :)

(For those of you that are wondering, my setup is as follows:

Arduino board
Max 7219
8x8 (2 color) Led Matrix
22k resistor (for the power going to the max 7219)
And the proper capacitors.

I HAVE had my Led matrix light up once, but I'm not exactly sure how. I am not 100% sure that I wired the max7219 to the Led Matrix correctly, so I would really appreciate it if someone would explain how to test it. Thanks.)



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I have all of the starting Libraries, but I don't seem to have the one that everyone on the forms is talking about and using (LedControl.h).

If you haven't, go back to the Playground article and get the LedControl library and install it. (See the "Sourcecode and download" section for a link to the zip and instructions on how to install it.) LedControl.h is part of the library and you #include it in your sketch that uses the library.

"The Zip-File also contains 3 example sketches which are documented on the LedControlDemos page." So you should run these and and you will begin to understand the LedControl library and your hardware setup. I'd just worry about one color until you get comfortable.

After doing these things you will be able to ask questions that people will be happy to help you with.
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Thank you very much. I seemed to have missed it the first time, but I found it, and it appears to be working. Thank you so much. I hope to get it going soon!  ;D

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