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hai all
i have assembled arduino s3v3 and export a blink program from my pc.but it is showing error "Programmer is not responding, RESET the board right before exporting. Programmer is not responding."
i tried the reset button for different intervals but it is not working.
pls help me.


Do you have the auto reset circuit? It is much better if you do.
Otherwise you have to hit reset just after you click download but if it is a big sketch that takes some time to compile then you have to wait just a second longer. I can never get it right first time so the auto reset is a must.

Do you know the rest of the circuit is working, without anything loaded (just the boot loader you have this loaded don't you?) you should see blinking on PIN13, this is normally connected to an LED but you can look with an oscilloscope if you have not got an LED.

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