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not sure how to word this beecause i dont understand it fully but here goes

if a pin is set up on port C as an input interrupt and stuff is done in the PIOC_handler, ie record PDSR register state.

and another pin is set up also on port C as a TC input set to record RA/RC values.

are the values of RA/RC going to be off if the PIOC_Handler is running, or are the values still going to be correct.

if they are correct is this because the values are recorded 'behind the scenes' ie DMA controller


Say you are using attachinterrupt (7 /* PC23*/, Foo, RISING); and you are using TIOA6 (PC25) as input capture with Timer counter 2 channel 0 (TC6). There will be no interference since rising edges on PC25 won't be leveraged by attachinterrupt.

See  winterrupts.h to understand how attachinterrupt is working. As you will see,the DMA controller is no used by attachinterrupt().


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