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I am using the arduino 0017 and like the option to have the libraries in the folder of my project.

I have several question :

- If I put all the libraries I used in my project folder (import libraries in the ide and also copying all the files from the libraries). All the files except the .o are kept after a compile. This is a problem as I am using SVN, each time I commit my project I have an error, all the svn folder (needed by svn) are erased.

- If I modify a library (the reason I want the code in my project) how can I have the ide looks for the library in my folder and not in the arduino/hardware/library folder.

- There is a folder utility created in each library folder, what is the use of this folder ?

Thanks for your help


if you put the .cpp and .h in your sketch folder couldn't you #include the sketch and have the .cpp get compiled automatically with the sketch?


I didn't try this, but I will prefer to keep the structure of the folder of the libraries.

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