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I'm in a similar space.  My neighbor bought a $2k scaled WWII boat he wants me to build the controls for i.e., rudder, motor, turret position, turret firing of ball bearings, "radar", etc.  All was well within my scope of an arduino head-end- until he mentioned FPV cameras on the turrets.  After doing some research, the arduino is only capable of 3-10fps of streaming.  After knowing only the tip of arduino coding iceburg, it seems I'll need to learn yet another language.
This I would like to hear more about.


I have at times thought about a Pi, we have used one at work to do logging and nice realtime graph display as a steel wheel was pressed onto an axle. (Talking railway wheel and axle)

We had a mate of my boss do the programming (linux expert) as time was of the essence.
The minicomp that did the job literally blew up because of its industrial environment and filter not fitted to vent fan.

The job was optioned up to Wifi so the need for USB Stick to transfer data was not needed.

All inside a new vented case with just some buttons and industrial keyboard on the outside.

Very easy to mechanically assemble compared to trying to get an over powered laptop to do the job.

If I was going to do a job that needed high end Display, then definitely a Pi, possibly a Arduino to do  the I/O interface and monitoring.

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Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Nothing trivial, then  :)

The press was 15ft long, and has a major overhead crane to move and position everything.
Plus a decent hydraulic pump.
The data that was logged was position vs applied force.
This helped to make sure the fit was good and the sudden jump in pressure at the end signaled that the wheel was home on the axle.
Tom.. :)
Everything runs on smoke, let the smoke out, it stops running....


@wildbill- avoiding the hijacking of this thread, the neighb is buying from http://www.strikemodels.com/; expected delivery is months from now.  The guy builds the ship(s) with custom created 'guns'.  My neighbor and I have high expectations for this project.  We'll fine tune his before building more for our other neighbors in a pond of WAR.  If Robin doesn't mind, I'll return back with a simple blog link (if I find the time and ambition to create one).


What I can see is the Pi like with Arduino, there are so many variations of Pi that have built in what used to be peripherals that there needs to be a site like the choosing accommodation sites.

A site with a parameter search engine.
You just list the peripherals you need, cpu speed, memory, WiFi, Ethernet, RS485, USB etc and it trawls the available open source devices looking for possibly the single board device that will suit your needs.

Tom.. :)
Everything runs on smoke, let the smoke out, it stops running....


Just ordered an RPi 3.  We'll see if I can get it to do something.  It wasn't expensive, so I guess it wasn't too bad.  But I have a feeling it is going to lead to buying a bunch more stuff too and that's never cheap. 
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I have one connected to my TV (HDMI) I use to play music (the TV has a reasonably good quality sound system).

The second one I have collects data from six 3D printers then tweets status.  Which is surprisingly handy.  (Made for my local makerspace.)

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