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i am trying to find the distance using arduino and TDC GP22 modules . i want to find the difference between  transmitted and  recieved signals  can any one tell how to do that


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What is a TDC GP22?
Can you post a link to specs/data of this unit please?

What model Arduino are you using?

Can you tell us your electronics, programming, Arduino, hardware experience?

Thanks.. Tom.. :)
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Hi every one

I am new to this arduino . As a part of my M.Tech i am trying to build a Laser range finder using Arduino uno and TDC converter GP22 laser and photo detector

can any one tell or give me any links  how to set the connections between arduino and tdc ,laser, pd.

please help me how to trigger laser diode using firepulse



i am trying to build a laser range finder using GP22 TDC. Can any one help me in configuring the TDC  using arduino uno  and acquiring the data from the TDC to  arduino.


Hi everyone i am trying to use the arduino uno and TDC GP22  for the laser range finder application . I configured the register settings to single measurement mode1 with auto calibration enable of TDC gp22.

1.Can any one help me how to send a signal from aurdino uno to the TDC a start signal and also a PWM signal to laser driver for laser pulses to on

2.How to read the results of the read registers and find the time of flight

Please help me

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Everything you need to know can be found in this Application Note:

They even include source code in C.  It's written for an STM32 microprocessor but much of it should be applicable to the Arduino:
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I am new to the programming can any one help me how to write the register configurations and read the register configuration of TDC using GP22

I actually setup the hardware with SPI interface but can any one give me sample code for testing communication  in writing and reading



No idea what they are, but you clearly do - tell us please (links to datasheets, product page, etc etc).
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General Purpose "Time to Digital Converter" model GP22.

For example Arduino code, try using Google.  Put in: TDC GP22 Arduino
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The code what is there for STM32 micro controller how can we use it to arduino uno


i am trying to write a configuration and read the register value using a arduino uno and TDC GP22  for intial testing communication between arduino uno and GP22

Please help me


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