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Hello. I'm a newbie for AC motor project with Arduino. I'm in progress of making inverter to control my motor pump with changing frequency in inverter. Now, I need a code to change the frequency in motor while the temperature sensor goes up and down. I've already read the article titled PWM frequency in these sites


However, I'm doubtful using those codes in articles to control my pump motor. I read that the setPWMFrequency() would change the base frequency of arduino.

So, my question is:
1. Will it set as base pwm frequency after I code my arduino to change the frequency?
2. Can I find another site whose doesn't have to change the base pwm frequency, and adjustable to change?

Thank you for your attention.


You need to learn a lot more about motor control I think.  No, the PWM frequency has nothing
to do with motor speed. 

What is this AC motor?  Is it three phase induction?  Or os it a synchronous motor?  Where's the

Note most cheap AC motors are single phase induction and not amenable to speed control, or only
in a very limited way.
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The motor is just single phase. I didn't own the datasheet because it was difficult to download. Also, the specification is just for the pump and recommended electricity setting.

I found another code to change the speed in motor. But, I'm not confident with this.


As I said most single phase motors are _not_ amenable to speed control.  V/f is the best method, but
shaded poles and phasing capacitors are tuned to a particular frequency so don't handle changes in f

If you get it wrong the motor might stall and the current through the windings can rise lots and cook
the motor.  Some motors can handle such stalls, others can't - that's why the datasheet is important it
will show the current/torque/slip-rate profile.
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This is my inverter to control the motor. And I have one signal generator to control the motor voltage. My lecturer recommended arduino as the signal generator and can use timer interrupt to generate variation of frequency, as I know. But, I still have doubt thinking and trying another way to make astable frequency. So, how If I create a signal generator from arduino?

Oh. The specifications of motor are 125 Watt and need 220V and 0.94 Ampere to generate the motor. And It's brushed motor.

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