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100hz is too fast for the Arduino? *shrug*

8500 RPM x 2 slots = 17000 Hz by my calculations.

RPM = rounds per minute
hz = cycles per second
(8500 / 60) * 2 = ~300hz
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Any possibility of affixing a magnet on the rotating part and use a Hall switch? Many cars use hall sensors as optical path can easily be blocked by dirt and dust. I heard that and engine cylinder has a magnet attached to its rotating part and it triggers the spark plug so a Hall sensor near that will likely pick up the rotation speed.
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100hz is too fast for the Arduino? *shrug*  :smiley-roll:

After debugging, the aforementioned program was reliably reading a 26,000 rpm signal from a signal generator while updating four display values, polling two inputs without interrupts, and having a compiled size of almost 8K. It started getting flaky at about 28,000 rpm. Ditching use of the string class in favor of character arrays roughly doubled the speed. Not executing every display command on every loop iteration roughly doubled the speed once more while still achieving an approximate 100 Hz refresh rate.


    rpm=counts*60000000;//I think You have to divide it by number of rising edges, in your case it is 2

and nice for this aplication is CNY70 +optical encoder wheel

http://www.x-robotics.com/sensores_ing.htm#Reflexivo CNY70

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