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All of you hard work is greatly appreciated. Take time for yourselves  and ignore the nay sayers. A clean forum will allow the best content to bubble to the top. If it's a good documnet it will be referred to.

Again thanks for all the hard work and devotion of time.
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Thank you for the kind words and the support, this forum is just the beginning of a long work of pushing the arduino community to the next level :)



I admit I wasn't keen on the change before it happened but I like the new forum and I can hardly keep up with the new posts so I guess most others do as well.

There are probably many active threads that got their water cut off, but things will settle down very soon and the end result will be better.

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Let me join to a big thank. I like the new forum


I will thank you all with my preferred new emoticon:



I feel very good when I see this kind of feedback, tnx guys.

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