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I am speaking only for myself, an occasional user of this forum and many other web forums.  I don't see the recent changes as a big improvement; we have new forum software but some of the same old problems.

For example, two of the newest posts include replies suggesting the OP could have chosen a different sub-forum for the post.  So, what is a person to do in the frequent case that their question applies to two forums at once?

Is there no software available of this type that would allow TAGS to be applied indicating the applicable topics.

For example: Say I need project guidance for interfacing a sensor, controlling a motor and returning data to a PC.  My question might be focused on one specific area but the replies and conversation would be applicable to the following areas:

"Project Guidance"
"Interfacing w/ Software on the Computer"

I would prefer a single forum and the ability to add tags and search for tags rather than to hunt for the appropriate sub-forum in which to look and likewise in which to post.

I have noticed similar problems on other sites, the worst being the Ubuntu forums

my $.02

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