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Hey all,

I have an old video board, it boots up and runs a projector. But I want to remove all the setup portion (you have to control it with a computer, I have the commands that need to be sent). There is a setup process where you change how bright the screen is and the resolution you need to run it at.

Anyway, when I connect this thing to my computer and sniff it, it is a CDC device. I use Hyperterminal to communicate with it, changing all the values I want. I would essentially like to simulate these commands with the Arduino. I have a USB-Host shield, but I would just like to make sure this will work before I attempt.



CDC device is not very difficult to implement, here is an example for FTDI232, which is quite similar -> http://www.circuitsathome.com/mcu/towards-an-ft232-driver-for-the-usb-host-shield-part-0

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