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Hi all,

Regarding this post: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,13555.0.html

I am interested if anyone has been able to make the rf12 radio work with a different chip select pin (than D10).. I hope to use the rf12 with a yellowjacket that hopefully doesn't have the same MISO glitch as the ethernet shields.

I have changed the

#define SS_PORT     PORTB
#define SS_BIT      2
#define SPI_SS      10   

code in RF12.cpp (http://jeelabs.net/projects/cafe/wiki/RF12) to

#define SS_PORT     PORTD
#define SS_BIT      3
#define SPI_SS      3

and the wiring to digital pin 3, and added pinMode(10,OUTPUT); to my code that was otherwise working, but have had no luck (on a few different pins). I added this because I have read that you must make SS an output for the Arduino to be a master - did I interpret this correctly?

My code is just this 'PingPong' demo code: http://jeelabs.net/projects/cafe/wiki/PingPong_sketch
How it behaves at the moment is the same as how it behaves if some of the wires have come loose - it just stops sending (which prevents it from receiving I believe, but regardless)

Is there something else that I should change in the hardware/software?

Thanks in advance!

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