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I'm new to the Arduino platform and am enjoying the process of coming up the learning curve.  It'd be great to meet-up with others in the ATL who are working on the Arduino platform.

Give a shout if you're interested in getting together to talk techie sometime!


Holy crap, a group that's located in my general area! (Even if it consists of one guy :/)

I live about 40 miles north of Atl, not sure if it would be feasible to meet up very often at all, maybe once a month though


I'm interested as well.


I'm interested as well.

Where do you live Pwillard? BigBen never responded to my PM


I work in Alpharetta and live a few exits north of that.


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And another one...I live in Sugar Hill and work in Norcross.

Im free this Saturday if anyone wants to meet and put faces to our names and talk electronics stuff.


Of course... reading this now.

Here is a recommendation.  (that accommodates Sugar Hill, I think)

There is a Starbucks on 141 near 400 and The Avenues that has a lot of SPACE... as a where we could meet.  Like maybe NEXT Saturday.


Oops, didn't see it either... but I was in Charlotte, NC last Saturday anyway


I'm not sure if I'd like to meet up next week, kind of worn out on traveling places (yes, even an hour 30 minutes away) spending 9 hours in a car over the weekend does that to you, plus I seem to be getting sick... *cough up phlegm*


Arduino beginner in Alpharetta here.  Interested in any meetups around here.  Cumming Starbucks sounds good.

Let me know, and I'll be there.


Sure wish there was geeks this side of town (Marietta)


Anyone here interested in building me an Arduino project for pay?  It is the SMS send project.

Pls advise.




I'm in marietta, just starting a pretty intense project looking to get tips and tricks of the trade. If you're still around shoot me back at defenderofgoodthings@gmail.com


I'm in Atlanta if anyone needs help on a project...


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Retired (I'm here, my job is in India... downsized and off-shore) and live in Lawrenceville.
I have worked with microprocessors, 6502/6800/8080, long, long time ago.  Worked with BASIC Stamp back in late 1990's.  Have been working with PICAXE for a couple of years and now with Arduino a couple of months.

- Ray

RayBurne on Instructables
mrburnette on this site and PICAXE site in UK
Latest complete project: http://www.picaxeforum.co.uk/entry.php?74-Battery-power-for-projects-inexpensively
Currently porting this to Android: http://www.instructables.com/id/Morse-Code-Magic-An-Algorithm/

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