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I'm in Alpharetta too. 

Here's a link to my blog http://bbqandbanjos.blogspot.com/2012/02/banjos-arduino-thermocouple-controlled.html, with an Arduino project on it I did a while back.

Drop me an email via my blog.

I would enjoy getting together with some other tech people. 

I'm going to propose meeting at Jim & Nick's BBQ at 141 and 400 (at the Forums) on Wed, June 6 at 7:00 PM.


Didn't hear from anyone, so canceling meeting at Nick & Jim's.


Sorry Javaben... I gave up on checking here...

...But I KNOW that we are not the only guys with Arduino's. Someone is buying the OSEPP units that fry's sells on Windward PKY/9.

Maybe we need to try to set up something  informal again...


Holy crap, a group that's located in my general area! (Even if it consists of one guy :/)

I live about 40 miles north of Atl, not sure if it would be feasible to meet up very often at all, maybe once a month though
Valalvax, are you (or anyone else) still hanging around here?
I live and work in Cartersville. Would be interested in a meet up to share stories and project ideas. I'm just getting into Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Have both but haven't let any magic smoke out yet. Will probably be playing with some home automation things to get started.


still around, not dead.

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