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Dec 19, 2017, 12:31 pm Last Edit: Dec 19, 2017, 12:31 pm by ShapeShifter
I can't help you with the Linux issues, I'll let a more experienced person comment on that.

But I will say that in my experience with hardware production, if you have one board that is behaving differently than the others, and the issue is on one focused area (in your case, the SD card) then I would strongly suspect a hardware issue on that board. The SD interface is through a USB expansion chip - you say you replaced a chip, is that the one? Since a USB drive operates properly, I wouldn't suspect the USB side of things. The weak link in a system is often the mechanical aspects: I would suspect the SD card socket. Maybe there is something mechanically different about that one SD card - perhaps its marginally thicker so it makes better contact, or it has better quality contact patches, or something along those lines?

Maybe cleaning the contacts, adjusting them so they have more pressure, or simply replacing the socket may help?


Hello Shapeshifter, Thank you for your response.
Yeah I would agree with not finding the actual uSD culprit, but since i have had the USB as a fall-back I am now more concerned about finding out why the Signature file is either corrupted or if there is really a memory corruption on the board itself.
I have tried doing the firmware 'upgrade' via several Samsung flash SD's (funny, after posting last night I tried again with a another Samsung chip that finally DID mount repetitively) and also via the USB and I get a signature file error either way.  For the Money it is hardly worth anymore time expended. I can use the board as-is for experimental sketches, but can't use it for datalogging, or any mods beyond the stock board.
I wondered if there is a factory test routine that could be loaded in the serial USB port that could check the flash and RAM, etc. This is just an exercise mind you; being retired, I make projects of trying to not TRASH too much.
Since the board is an early model, I am content with replacing it in the line-up and move on.
Cheers, & Happy holiday, or Merry Christmas if that pleases.

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