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here is what I have : an R/C car. It has 2 servo connected to a receiver and I have a remote control.

So the receiver conrol the servo.

Here is my question : how can I get that value?  I would like to do exactly the same but through the arduino.  Remote -> receiver -> arduino -> servo.

Is it possible? How?

I tried to put it on analog input but without success :(



You need to start educating yourself on how servos work.  You will need to use digital IO for this, not analog.


Here is a tutorial on how to make the arduino talk to a servo:

I believe that there are libraries on how to read the output of a RC receiver, but I wrote my own routines.
Here are some threads.

That should get you started.


Actually, I am OK with controlling servo. It was the receiver part which with I had issues.

pulseIn(), that's what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

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